Monday, August 15, 2011

my mindless story

Its prom time in altanta and everyone is getting ready except these four girls named angel, Kelly, talya and ariana they have no dates they wear glasses and have braces and everyone thinks they are nerds and they believe that’s the reason they don’t have dates but on the other side of town the boy band MINDLESS BEHAVIOR were wishing that instead of performing that they could just go to prom like normal people so Princeton had the idea to go to Atlanta from cali for some jimmy johns.
so they flew to alt and went and ate at jimmy johns then in walks the talya, Kelly, ariana, and angel they sat down and ate at jimmy johns the best sandwich place in the world so the girls started talking about why they don’t have prom dates and then talya started crying because she thinks she will never be good enough for anyone so the other girls started comforting her and so prodigy was like do you hear crying so they all looked over their shoulder and looked back at each other ray ray said is she okay and roc said I don’t know go check on her prince and prince was like what why me  and ray ray , roc, and prod all said together CAUSE IT WAS YOUR IDEA TO COME HERE! So prince got up and walked to the girls table and said hey is she okay and Kelly was like shes fine shes just upset because she doesn’t have a date to prom well none of us do angel said and prince said hold up so he ran back to his table and was like guys they don’t have prom dates we could ask them to go roc said yah it would be fun ray ray said yah how many times did we say we wanted to go to prom so they looked at prod and prod was like okay Ill get to do my hip rocka but ion think keish will like it.
 so they got up and walked to the girls table and said youguys wanna go to prom with us talya said yu guys wanna go to prom with us  ray ray said yah it will be fun so they exchanged numbers and they gave the boys their address cause prom is tomorrow so the girls went shopping and so did the boys so later that night the boys talked to Keisha about going to prom and Keisha was very angry because they had an interview with popstar magazine so she had to reschedule then roc said and keish we gave them our number and rented a limo keish was pissed then but she let it slide cause she didn’t tell the boys she booked them for a kid cuisine commercial.
 so the next day every body was getting ready so prince called the girls to see if they were ready they said ya then prod said cool well be there in five so they left the arrived at the girls house the girls came out and mb mouth dropped roc was like oh my god  the girls were beautiful they didn’t have glasses or their braces  so they went to prom and had the time of their lives it was everything they amagined the boys even got their first kiss  so girls be confident be mindless cause there is always a guy that will like you for you .l

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